IT Companies Peddling For Network Virtualization

Companies Peddling For Network Virtualization

Several IT companies are touting that network virtualization is a must-have feature in any enterprise’s IT infrastructure, which can greatly enhance their security as well as operational efficiency.

These companies’ front men are repeatedly saying that people in charge of their companies’ information systems, and their associating security features, who are constantly worried about nasty hackers’ attacks pouncing on them at any moment causing costly damages, should definitely pay heed to virtual networking, which is steadily gaining ground in popularity, though so far has not been as commonly known and utilized as server virtualization that is a smaller component of the all-encompassing network virtualization.

One passionate CEO of a pioneering company in this area, which is making much noise for the promotion of network virtualization, has recently pointed out sharply that, the security industry, as it currently is with all its patchwork components that seems disconnected from each other, just don’t have the ability to offer clients with consistent efficient security solutions that can cope well against the perpetual security threats, or even have enough flexibility to incorporate future upgrades; hence many firms basically are wasting their money on cumbersome inept security systems that are convoluted and challenging to operate to begin with, let alone doing a good job of the task it’s supposed to be doing.

He suggests that network virtualization is the boon to the various thorny problems facing the IT security industry right now, thanks to its capability of being the common platform for the many diverse tasks and operations, involved in the provision of IT security, to converge upon (ranging from application and data management to people coordination).

Therefore we can therefore for the first time treat security systems as some fully and rationally integrated structures that we can design, as well as improve afterwards, with congruity and efficiency, most importantly allowing us to reach the much needed level of security with smaller budgets. Many people with knowledge of the matter have been trumpeting that network virtualization will be the watershed in the non-stop evolution of the security industry, which will successful build and maintain extremely secure IT networks with true capabilities of data protection.

Many experts have constantly reminded enterprises concerned about their network security that security features need to always be built from the inside at the very first stage of planning and design, and that it’s inefficient and complicated to impose on, or attach required security elements afterwards, to complete, fully functioning networks that have already been designed and set up without those elements in their initial blueprints. Right now only network virtualization can directly integrate security elements into IT networks from the very beginning, creating harmony and smooth inter-operability among the hardware and software and other various components involved in the network.

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